Spike art quarterly

Aimé Ntakiyica, who came to Belgium at the age of three from his native Burundi, likes to play with the concepts of ubiquity in his work. Litterally and methaphorrically, the overlapping of spaces.

In «le Monde est ma Maison» (starded on 1999) «the world is my home», Ntakiyica draws various exhibition spaces dixtributed around the world. Individual fragments of buildings or living spaces such a corridor in Sydney, a shower in Brussels, a patio in Las Palmas or a TV room in Dakar are distributed across these locations, so forming, jointly, a truly « global home ».
(Spike art quarterly 2007)

«Wir» is a critique of the dualisms that constitute the western tradition wich has tended to, at all times, to dominate whatever was different, or other, and to use it to reflect its own image. More generaly , Aimé Ntakiyica plays with the collapse of identity, through these normative, irrational and at times, ridiculous perceptions, in a mode of parody.
(Transferts 2003)

Ntakiyica aimé studied painting and drawing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Brussels he also taught at school of Fine arts Kinshasa on 1986, for one year. 1960 kayanza, Burundi lives and works in Beersel, Belgium.
(Spike art quarterly 2007)